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For ages, Indonesia has been famous for our diversity and tolerance among various tribal and cultural backgrounds. Institut KH Abdul Chalim,  founded  by a Great  Moslem scholar  Dr KH Asep Saifuddin Chalim, is a prototype of great tolerance in Indonesia. Our campus is the beginning of a noble master plan to establish an Islamic  world-class university aiming at reaching the level of Al Azhar University of Egypt,  Harvard University of the United States and  the Sorbonne University  of France. For this reasons, we offer a full scholarship for foreign students to study in Indonesia for 2016/2017 academic year. The aim of this scholarship award is to provide successful applicants to study in Institut KH Abdul Chalim.


Establishing and developing an outstanding Islamic university that produces independent and competitive Moslem human resources based on the principles of tolerance, moderation, justice, and universal kindness.


Conducting world-class education, research, and social community services to enhance and share the development of science, arts, and letters, humanity and technology.


  1. All applicants MUST be Muslim
  2. Citizen of any countries except Indonesia
  3. Applicants must be between 18-25 years old for undergraduate program
  4. All international students MUST take Bahasa Indonesia in their first year as a foundation while studying their major in English and Arabic


  1. Copy of high school diploma and high school transcript from 10,11, and 12 grades (3 pcs)
  2. The sworn translation in English of high school diploma and high school transcript
  3. Latest colored photograph with red background (3×4 and 4×6 @ 4 pcs)
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Copy of legal birth certificate
  6. Submit to our admission officer amir@ikhac.ac.id 
  7. Application form will be given only for successful candidates

DEADLINE: 15 December 2016


  1. The scholarships cover tuition fees and other appropriate compulsory fees as determined by the institutions for the duration of the program
  2. This scholarship overall covers:
    1. The tuition fees
    2. Accommodation during the study
    3. Meals 3 times a day
    4. Additional funding for the completion of thesis
    5. Health insurance
  3. This scholarship DO NOT cover:
    1. Air flight ticket
    2. Student visa
    3. Personal expenses



– Islamic Education Management

– Islamic Primary Teacher Training

– Arabic Teacher Training

– Islamic Education Teacher Training*

– Nursery School Teacher Training*


– Islamic Civil Law

– Shariah Economics

– Shariah Banking*

  1. DAKWA

– Islamic Communication & Broadcasting

– Quranic Study &Tafseer/ Interpretation*

*New majors


M Amir Syarifuddin       (+601116370686)  *For international students only (WhatsApp/Call)

Akhsan Ustadhi                (+62 813 8739 8601) *in Bahasa Indonesia

Fadly Usman                     (+62812 3552 9795)


For further information please refer to www.ikhac.ac.id or email our admission officer amir@ikhac.ac.id

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Vs European Economic Community (EEC)

ASEAN 2025: Forging Ahead Together by Single ASEAN Currency Unit Utilization

M Amir Syarifuddin. Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia. Author’s correspondence: No.447 Jl. 4 Taman Ampang Utama, Ampang, Selangor, 68000, Malaysia; Email: mamirsyarifuddin@gmail.com.


International Conference 2016


The integration of regional economics in ASEAN has been very dynamic, prosperous, and comprehensive in strengthening the implementation of Blueprint 2025. By December 31, 2015, The Charter of Kuala Lumpur had been implemented to deepen cooperation and integration among ASEAN countries in socio-economic joint development. However, the AEC’s Blueprint 2025, which sets out the directions and strategic measures under five cores of objectives do not reflect the monetary union as EU has to set when they formed European Economic Community (EEC) to overcome the common economics problem among EU countries back then. These objectives are not in accordance with the current matter that is faced mostly by ASEAN countries, which is the low exchange rate of their currency. By proposing the new idea of a single currency in ASEAN, it is expected to have reducing transaction cost, removing volatility in exchange rate and maintaining price stability. Implementing single ASEAN currency is a key catalyst for economic development strategy which aims to achieve a stable financial system among ASEAN countries. Since AEC does not include a single common currency in the Blueprint 2025 as the goal to be achieved, the diverse fiscal and economic policies will still lead to usual fluctuations of the exchange rates. Although the constraints on the adoption of a single common currency by ASEAN are formidable, the long-run goal of a single common currency for ASEAN is worth considering due to a suitable region in adopting a single common currency as Europe was prior to the Maastricht Treaty.


M Syarifudidn

Visiting Elderly Nursing Home

What would you think life would be if you were living in a nursing home? You might be conscious of being physically removed from your familiar home and community. You might feel lost, unsure of how you will adjust to this new place. You may feel that you’ve somehow been rejected. Last month, I and six others fellows from four different countries went to nursing home to look at the elderly in the nursing house which close to our dormitory (around 30 minutes away) in Kuala Lumpur.



We and grannies




I have been very excited to be part of this cycle since I never did my community service for elderly back then. The first thing we did was buying some necessary stuff for elderly in “Tesco” with my five other lads. We split ourselves into two teams to buy those kinds of stuff to shorten the times. After we checked out and paid the price, we decided to pick one of our friends who were waiting in the other mall across the road. After short of a period, we headed off to Elderly Nursing House to work up there and started our program.

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6 Brain Hacks to Improve Your Productivity

I remembered 2 years back, I signed up an online course from coursera.org for deepening understanding in psychology. I signed up under Prof (I forgot his name), and he is from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, best known as MIT, the best Institute in the universe. The course itself provided us an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects. Due to this fun continuous learning, the learning process became a laboratory that could answer my curiosity. During the class, I was so thrilled that I could connect with thousands of other learners and debate ideas, discuss course material, and get help mastering concepts.

DSC_0008 - Copy

International Seminar on Interfaith Harmony and Tolerance

The specific course I took at that time was about time productivity. How we manage our time, plan and execution, evaluation and self-feedback. Here I summarize things that I learned during the class about how you improve your productivity.

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Are you really that busy?

This time, I would be writing a bit serious since I found a lot constraint on many organizations. I know exactly how it feels when you are in a position where people demand you from many direction while you have priority to be seized. I know exactly how it feels when your roles are excessively important. I also know exactly how it feels when your soul and body are in the different spaces.

But, hey… you are what you do, no one could change your life path but yourself. You are the only one who decided where your life would go. You are the only one who decided to take this way and being “BUSY”. Now that you are in the position where you expected in the past, you start estranging your responsibility from your tenure.


Writer’s File in 2016

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New Transformation (Exploring, Expanding, and Experimenting)

These three words were describing my life so far in KL, Malaysia. I was drawn to it, in part because I have been fond of alliterative phrases since middle school, but also because of what they represent. Kafaat and IIUM marked the beginning of a four-year period where I had permission to do all three of these. When else in life would I have the time, resources, and lack of constraints to explore, expand, and experiment like this?


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Because I CAN

Think CAN, then you can. I describe the word CAN as an acronym of Convenient, Attractive, and Normal. I used to underestimate myself as the one who does not immensely passionate enough to cheer myself up. Coming from mid-low economy family, I do understand how difficult this life is, yet I never give this thing up easily. I was born in the middle of nowhere in Riau. The place was unreachable by signal, so my grandma used to send us a letter via post office all the way from Java when she missed us. My father was a civil servant in religion department in Riau. He was also becoming an official secretary in my village and Imam in our Masjid Raya (Central Mosque). Everyone in my village respect him as the way I love and honor him. Meanwhile, my mother was the chief of Muslimah Foundation (Foundation for Woman). They both are busy with their days and gigs, yet I understood those ever since I was little.DSC_1452

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